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Main product focus

Authorized Distributor for Ducommun Technologies, Inc.

​​​​Access Electronics is a Woman-Owned, Small Business servicing the needs of the Aerospace/*Military/Commercial Aviation, Space, and Energy Markets. As an Authorized Distributor for Ducommun Technologies, Inc., we specialize in Lighted Pushbutton, Indicator, Panel, and Keyboard Systems.

*US Gov’t direct requirements for Ducommun’s individual parts are handled exclusively by Ducommun, through their authorized Gov’t-Direct Distributor. We are however, authorized to service Ducommun parts requirements for customers selling value-added systems/services directly to the US Gov’t.

With over 30 years of experience and knowledge with the Ducommun Technologies, Inc. product line, our staff is well equipped to support the technical and logistical needs of our customers.

  • Need to convert your application to NVIS compatible? We'll guide you through the process, and help to identify and define your specific needs.
  • Have an AOG requirement? We can assist in "helping" the order through the production phase to get your parts to you ASAP.
  • Need inventory management? We're willing and able to support your short and/or long-term, multi-delivery requirement.